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Ranging from Food Production to Fodder Products, JMM has expertise around the global. One such product, also known as Elephant grass, Napier grass is a tropical wonder thriving in African and Asian grasslands, revolutionizing agricultural practices worldwide. As the backbone of East African fodder crops, Napier grass boasts unparalleled adaptability, enduring temperatures ranging from scorching heat to chilly winters without compromising its robust growth.

Dairy farmers, seeking sustainable and cost-effective solutions, find solace in cultivating Napier grass. Its high nutritional value and resilience make it a staple for enhancing milk production and promoting soil health. Our hybrid Napier grasses stand out with softer leaves and succulent stems, offering irresistible nourishment to cattle and camels alike. Moreover, their sterile nature ensures consistent quality through stem cuttings or root propagation.

The benefits of Napier grass extend beyond its nutritional prowess. Its versatile nature allows for multiple harvests annually, making it an efficient space-saving option for farmers. Interplanting Napier grass among other crops not only boosts productivity but also deters harmful pests, safeguarding neighboring vegetation. With a protein-rich composition and adaptable cultivation methods, Napier grass emerges as the cornerstone of dairy farming, fostering healthy livestock and thriving agricultural ecosystems.

At JMM Group, we empower dairy farmers to optimize milk production while minimizing feed costs through our premium Napier grass solutions. Join us in harnessing the potential of Napier grass and revolutionize your dairy farming practices today!

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