From our launch in 2001 with headquarters in Dubai we had grown to become a major player in investments in diversified sectors and markets across the globe including assets, trading, healthcare, manufacturing and many more. We always look forward to invest in the projects that build the future. We also continuously keep an on our investments to update them with the strategies and business models that the economy demands.

Over the years, JMM Holding has made strategic investments, which today undoubtedly serve as an innovative business model.

We always focus in promoting a solid business environment in our investments and keep an eye on the economic impact of the projects. With wide investment portfolio in different parts of the world, we deliver attractive returns to our shareholders b focusing on innovation and business of future

Over the last 23 years we made an impact that is strong & we have long way to go.

The solid business strategy, planned finance management and a committed management team, had helped us to catalyst our operations and expansion globally. The trust of our shareholders had been our greatest foundation that we move forward. We always focus on changing our strategies with the rapid changes across the globe and to update technologies so that to bring out cost effective solutions in our investments.

Service Process

At JMM Holding our culture comes to life through three core values:

We seize opportunities to innovate and grow

We are one firm with a shared sense of purpose

We care about each other and the world around us
Deal Sourcing and Screening
We actively seek out potential investment opportunities through various channels such as networking, referrals, pitch events, or proactive outreach. We conduct initial screening to assess the viability, scalability, and alignment with our investment thesis.
Due Diligence
If a potential investment opportunity passes our initial screening, we dive into in-depth due diligence. Our due diligence involves comprehensive research and analysis of the target company's business model, market potential, financials, management team, legal status, intellectual property, and other relevant factors. This step helps us understand the risks and opportunities associated with the investment.
Valuation and Term Sheet
Based on our findings from due diligence, we determine the valuation of the target company. Negotiations may take place regarding the investment terms, including equity stake, governance rights, valuation, liquidation preferences, and any other relevant terms. Once both parties agree on the terms, we draft a term sheet outlining the key terms of the investment.
Legal Documentation
We prepare legal documents, such as investment agreements, shareholder agreements, and any other necessary contracts. We review and negotiate the legal documentation to ensure clarity and fairness. We involve legal counsel to facilitate the process and ensure compliance with relevant laws and regulations.
Closing the Investment
Once all terms are finalized and legal documentation is in order, we formally close the investment. We transfer funds from us to the target company as per the terms of the investment agreement. We complete any necessary regulatory approvals or filings.
Post-Investment Involvement
After the investment is made, we may take an active or passive role in supporting the growth and success of the target company. Our involvement may include providing strategic guidance, networking opportunities, mentorship, and access to resources or additional funding. We closely monitor the performance of the investment and may participate in board meetings or other decision-making processes.

We manage our portfolio of investments, continuously evaluating performance, identifying opportunities for value creation, and mitigating risks.

We provide ongoing support and resources to our portfolio companies to help them achieve their growth objectives.

Eventually, we seek to realize returns on our investment through an exit strategy, such as an acquisition, IPO, merger, or secondary sale of our equity stake.

The timing and method of exit depend on various factors, including market conditions, the performance of the target company, and our investment objectives.

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